WhatsApp Video Messages Users Disable Feature

WhatsApp Video Messages Users Disable Feature

WhatsApp has recently unveiled an innovative feature, christened ‘Instant WhatsApp Video Messages, ‘ which revolutionizes sending and receiving concise video messages. This feature mirrors the mechanics of sharing voice messages and empowers users to dispatch succinct video missives at the mere press of a virtual button.

User Concerns

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However, this functionality appears to have stirred some consternation among users due to its shared usage with the button designated for audio messages. Consequently, users have lamented inadvertently transmitting video messages instead of intended audio notes. Fortunately, WhatsApp has been receptive to user feedback and is presently in the throes of assessing a means to deactivate this feature’s operation.

WhatsApp Video Messages Beta Update

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Per an illuminating report by WABetaInfo, the most recent iteration of WhatsApp’s beta version incorporates a toggle mechanism, affording users the expeditious ability to suspend the ‘Instant WhatsApp Video Messages’ attribute. Upon deactivation, the microphone icon, conventionally nestled at the screen’s lower-right extremity, reverts to its default functionality, facilitating the seamless exchange of voice notes. It’s important to note that deactivating this toggle does not impede others from dispatching video messages your way.

How to Deactivate Instant Video Messages

To effectuate the deactivation of ‘Instant WhatsApp Video Messages,’ initiate WhatsApp and navigate to the upper-right corner, wherein a trifecta of dots beckons your attention. Next, traverse to the ‘Settings’ sub-menu within the app and proceed to the ‘Chats’ section. Within this domain, you will discover a toggle aptly christened ‘Instant Video Messages.’ Flipping this switch will promptly render the feature inert.

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Presently, ‘Instant Video Messages’ extends its dominion exclusively to WhatsApp aficionados utilizing version on iOS and version on Android. Its incorporation into the stable version looms on the horizon, promising its eventual ubiquity, albeit not without the sands of time elapsing before the toggle graces your mobile device.


In the antecedent month, WhatsApp ushered in a slew of novel functionalities, including the inception of nameless groups and the fortification of screen-sharing capabilities during video-conferencing engagements.


Instant Video is a new feature on WhatsApp that allows users to send short video messages quickly and easily. It enhances communication by providing a dynamic way to share video content within chats.

To deactivate ‘Instant Video Messages,’ open WhatsApp, access the menu (represented by three dots) in the upper-right corner, navigate to ‘Settings,’ and within the ‘Chats’ section, you’ll find a toggle labeled ‘Instant Video Messages.’ Flip this switch to deactivate the feature.

Video Messages’ is currently available in WhatsApp’s beta version for specific iOS and Android versions. WhatsApp plans to incorporate it into the stable version shortly, making it accessible to a broader user base. Stay tuned for updates on its availability.

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