AN WhatsApp 2 APK Download latest Version 2023

AN WhatsApp 2 APK Download latest Version 2023

AN WhatsApp 2 is an enhanced edition of the official WhatsApp application created by developer Ammar. This innovative release introduces 10 distinct versions of AN WhatsApp, marking a new milestone in WhatsApp.

AN WhatsApp 2 Download

AN Whatsapp

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AN WhatsApp 2 Anti-ban

Last UpdatedToday
DeveloperAmmar ALawadi
RequirementsAndroid 4+
File Size64MB

This version boasts numerous supplementary functionalities, empowering users with enhanced privacy controls, and You can activate and set up the automatic reply feature in AN WhatsApp 2. Ammar Al-Awadi added the scheduled messages feature in AN WhatsApp 2. There are 10 diffrent copies of AN WhatsApp by Ammar. Notably, some of the most renowned versions include AN WhatsApp, AN WhatsApp 3, AN WhatsApp 4AN WhatsApp 5, and AN WhatsApp 10.

AN WhatsApp 2 Latest Version

In versatile linguistic compatibility, AN Whatsapp 2 boasts an extensive repertoire, facilitating seamless interactions in various languages. The platform is a paragon of inclusivity, accommodating your communication needs across linguistic boundaries.


Effortless Transfer of Data

AN WhatsApp 2 affords you the unparalleled advantage of transferring voluminous data easily. Be it documents of multifarious formats or multimedia files of prodigious dimensions, the app imposes no discernible limitations on your sharing endeavors.


Keep track of stories and share updates

ANWhatsApp+2 extends to you the privilege of archiving cherished narratives and evanescent status updates from your network of acquaintances. In doing so, it immortalizes moments of sentimental value, securing them from the relentless sands of time.


Control Over Communication

Empower yourself to govern your conversational space with ANWhatsApp+2’s call-blocking feature. Unwanted intrusions can be curtailed, ensuring a serene and uninterrupted exchange of ideas.


Fortified Against Exile

ANWhatsApp 2 takes strategic steps to strengthen its users against the exile imposed by WhatsApp. Users are given the freedom to engage in messaging with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their virtual sanctuary is unsecured.


Chronological Dispatch of Messages

One of the core features of ANWhatsApp+2 is the Message Scheduler, a tool that provides the ability to pre-schedule and pre-schedule messages. Never again will you miss a message import or rush to a deadline because ANWhatsApp+2 will automate the art of meticulous sending.


The Obscured Last Seen

Go to privacy heights with ANWhatsApp+2 provision to hide or obfuscate your last seen status. Take back the reins of your online presence and choose when or how to display your digital footprint.


Immutable Against Banishment

ANWhatsApp+2, by design, is immune to the whimsical urges of deportation. Users can traverse its virtual landscapes with impunity, free from the chains of restraint.


Comprehensive Telecommunication

ANWhatsApp+2 offers an all-in-one telecommunication experience, including voice and video calls. Connect directly with your contacts through the app channel, bypassing local boundaries.


Release from Conversation Shackles

ANWhatsApp+2 has introduced a new feature that speeds up the process of unsecured conversations. Free yourself from the shackles of saved conversations, ushering in a new era of conversation management with a simple long press.


Status Repository

Engage in easy access to statuses shared by your network with ANWhatsApp+2. Download and save the funniest moments, and enjoy them at your leisure.


Augmented Privacy Measures

ANWhatsApp+2 offers a wide array of privacy enhancements, including erasing messages and status indicators, hiding chats, freezing last seen timestamps, neutralizing forwarded tags, and privacy settings. Customization includes parameters for contact calls. , groups, and broadcasts.


Vault of Secure Communications

Keep your conversations under the protective confines of ANWhatsApp+2’s lock feature. Use biometric, PIN, or pattern-based encryption to keep your transactions safe from prying eyes.


Chat Encryptions

Protect your secret conversations with ANWhatsApp+2 chat conversation lock. Grant access only to authorized individuals, ensuring your conversations remain sanctuaries.


Do Not Disturb Mode

Activate the secret Do Not Disturb (DND) mode within ANWhatsApp+2 to remain undisturbed while maintaining a subtle, invisible presence within the app’s labyrinthine corridors.

If this version doesn’t suit your preferences, you can try AN WhatsApp updated download version for free, like AN WhatsApp 6AN WhatsApp 7, AN WhatsApp 8, and AN WhatsApp 9.

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