WhatsApp Working on Secret Code Feature

WhatsApp Working on Secret Code Feature

In the world of messaging apps, WhatsApp excels in secure and user-friendly communication. Now, WhatsApp developers are testing ‘Secret Code’ for locked chats, promising enhanced privacy and convenience.This Whats Mod’s article explores the details of this upcoming feature, designed to work seamlessly on linked devices, allowing users to create custom chat folder passwords.

Introduction of Secret Code

The first glimmers of this innovative feature were discovered by the vigilant folks at WABetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp-related news and updates. ‘Secret Code’ made its debut on WhatsApp beta version for Android. If you’re among the daring and tech-savvy WhatsApp enthusiasts who have enrolled in the WhatsApp beta testing program, you can already experience this feature by downloading the beta version from the Google Play Store.

Finding Locked Chats with Ease

The ‘Secret Code’ feature brings a much-needed enhancement to the way we manage our locked chats. Users will be able to swiftly locate locked chats directly from the app’s search bar. Moreover, it extends this convenience to linked devices as well. This means that you can now lock chats even on your secondary devices, ensuring consistent security across all your platforms.

To make the experience even more user-friendly, WhatsApp suggests using a simple word or emoji as your ‘Secret Code.’ This not only adds a touch of personalization but also ensures that you can quickly identify and access your locked chats.

From Biometrics to Custom Codes

This year, WhatsApp introduced chat locking using biometrics or PIN codes, leaving a gap in securing chats on secondary devices. With the ‘Secret Code’ feature, WhatsApp will bridge this gap effectively, offering private conversations on all companion devices.

The Road Ahead

While this development is creating anticipation, it’s essential to clarify that WhatsApp’s new ‘Secret Code’ feature is currently in an ongoing development phase. The timeline for its availability to all users may extend from weeks to several months, as the WhatsApp development team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

Recent Enhancements

WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user experience is evident from recent app updates. Over the past few months, they have introduced various functionalities, such as Telegram-like Channels, the ability to share high-definition images and videos, creating groups without names, same account on 2 phones, and editing media captions. These updates underscore WhatsApp’s continuous efforts to stay at the forefront of messaging app innovation.


In conclusion, WhatsApp’s forthcoming ‘Secret Code’ feature is positioned to introduce substantial advancements in the realm of chat security and multi-device communication. Although currently in the developmental stage, it unequivocally pledges to deliver a superior degree of privacy and user-friendliness. WhatsApp is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring this feature aligns with its stringent quality benchmarks before extending it to its user base.


WhatsApp has not provided an exact release date, but it is currently in the development phase and is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks or months.

If you’re part of the WhatsApp beta testing program, you can download the beta version from the Google Play Store to access this feature.

Yes, the ‘Secret Code’ feature will allow you to lock chats on linked devices, ensuring consistent security across all your platforms.

WhatsApp has introduced various functionalities like Telegram-like Channels, sharing high-definition images and videos, creating groups without names, and editing media captions in the past few months.

Until the feature is released, you can use the existing biometrics and PIN code options to secure your chats on your primary device, and remain cautious when using WhatsApp on secondary devices.

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