WhatsApp Screen Sharing Revolutionizes Video Calls

WhatsApp Screen Sharing

In a bold move that redefines video calling, WhatsApp has introduced a groundbreaking feature to its platform – screen sharing. This latest addition not only enhances the video-calling experience but also positions WhatsApp in direct competition with established video conferencing giants like Microsoft Meet, Google Meet, Zoom, and Apple’s FaceTime. Let’s Check this out on Whats Mod’s New blogpost.

Mark Zuckerberg Unveils the Future

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The anticipation surrounding this innovation was met with enthusiasm as Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook and Instagram to announce the release of the new feature. With this advancement, users can seamlessly share documents, images, and virtual shopping carts with contacts during video calls.

Unveiling the Power of Screen Sharing

Initially tested with select beta users on Android, WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature debuted in late May. Accessible via a simple tap or click on the “Share” icon, users can choose between sharing an entire screen or a specific application. This mirrors the functionality seen in conventional video-conferencing platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom.

A Gradual Rollout with Exciting Prospects

As revealed by WhatsApp to TechCrunch, the screen-sharing feature is being rolled out in phases across Android, iOS, and Windows Desktop platforms. While this means immediate access might not be universal, users can expect to enjoy this feature soon enough.

Beyond the Horizon: Landscape Mode and Screen Sharing

In tandem with the introduction of screen sharing, WhatsApp has also launched support for video calling in Landscape mode. This move aims to provide users with a more comprehensive, more immersive viewing experience than the existing Portrait mode. Notably, this Landscape mode may prove particularly valuable when utilizing screen sharing on the platform.

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Evolution of Video Calling

Video calling has been an integral part of WhatsApp for over six years, dating back to its debut in November 2016. However, the platform continues to evolve its services to remain competitive. Recent enhancements include picture-in-picture support for iOS users and the option to share concise video messages in chats. Video communication has become an essential mode of interaction for users across the globe.

A Bold Step into the Future

Screen sharing has long been a staple feature of various video-conferencing applications, including those geared toward consumers. A noteworthy example is Apple’s 2021 addition of SharePlay to FaceTime, enabling iOS users to share their screens naturally. WhatsApp has taken this concept further, extending the feature’s availability to Android, iOS, and desktop users.


Innovation is on a roll, and guess what? WhatsApp just introduced screen sharing, making communication cooler than ever! With this new trick up its sleeve, WhatsApp is nailing the video conferencing game. As tech keeps moving forward, the way we chat and team up is changing big time, and WhatsApp is rocking the show. So, what do you think of that?


To access screen sharing on WhatsApp, tap or click the “Share” icon during a video call. From there, you can share your entire screen or a specific application.

Yes, WhatsApp’s screen-sharing grace graces Android, iOS, and Windows Desktop in a slow dance. Not bestowed upon all in an instant, but rather, revealed gently as time unfurls its tapestry. A gift that will invariably find its way to eager hands as patience weaves the threads of accessibility.

Landscape mode offers a broader and more immersive viewing experience than Portrait mode. It’s precious when using screen sharing, as it provides more space to showcase shared content.

Video calling on WhatsApp has evolved significantly over the years. From its initial launch in 2016, the platform has introduced features like picture-in-picture support and the ability to share short video messages in chats.

WhatsApp’s screen-sharing prowess emerges as a game-changer, casting a shadow over the realm of video calls. With the power to effortlessly unveil documents and images amid conversations, WhatsApp boldly steps into the arena dominated by giants such as Microsoft Meet, Google Meet, Zoom, and the mighty Apple’s FaceTime.

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