WhatsApp Multi Account Feature Finally Emerges in Beta

WhatsApp Multi Account Feature Finally Emerges in Beta

WhatsApp stands as an undisputed champion in the vast landscape of messaging platforms. Since its inaugural release on Android devices in 2010, it has solidified its reputation through consistent updates. However, despite its ongoing evolution, one notable feature has remained conspicuously absent the WhatsApp multi account feature that permits users to switch between different accounts seamlessly. That is why users use mod apps like AN WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, etc. The wait seems to be over, though, as the latest whispers from the beta version suggest that WhatsApp is finally diving into WhatsApp multi account feature functionality.

The Glimpse of Progress

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The anticipation peaked when reports surfaced in June about the WhatsApp Business beta experimenting with an account-switching feature. With the unveiling of WhatsApp beta version on the Google Play Store, this intriguing feature has landed in the hands of selected testers. As has often been the case, WABetaInfo, the vigilant watcher of all things WhatsApp, was the first to spot this development.

Navigating the WhatsApp Multi Account Feature

For those fortunate enough to be part of the beta test group, accessing the account-switching feature is relatively straightforward. By tapping on the arrow adjacent to the QR code in the upper-right corner of the settings screen, testers are greeted with a card at the bottom. This card provides a snapshot of the active accounts and presents an enticing option to incorporate another account into the mix.

The Beta Version Shuffle

While some beta users might have encountered this novelty with the preceding version (, the feature’s accurate spotlight is cast on version Regrettably, if you’re not presently a beta tester for WhatsApp on the Android platform, the doors to this enticing new realm remain temporarily closed. However, resourceful souls can explore the option of sideloading the fresh beta from APKMirror. It’s important to note that the Google Play Beta Program for WhatsApp is currently operating at total capacity and inaccessible to newcomers.

Innovation Galore

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Recently, WhatsApp’s beta testers have been treated to an array of innovative features. Beyond the WhatsApp multi account support, testers can now revel in the ability to send animated avatars. Moreover, they are greeted with enhanced warnings regarding potential safety concerns, highlighting WhatsApp’s commitment to user security. Since Meta’s acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014, a transaction that commanded a staggering $19 billion, witnessing the unrelenting infusion of resources into this globally-renowned app is heartening. This continuous commitment is particularly noteworthy given the nine years that have transpired since the acquisition.

The Awaited Dawn

As the WhatsApp multi account feature paves its way into the public version of the app, its significance is unquestionable. It promises to be a game-changer, enhancing user experience and providing unparalleled convenience. Nevertheless, until that glorious day arrives, several workarounds exist for those yearning to simultaneously manage two WhatsApp numbers on a single device.

Conclusion WhatsApp Multi Account

WhatsApp’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From its inception in 2010 to its upcoming multi account feature, it has consistently strived to redefine communication and connectivity. As the world eagerly awaits the full-scale release of this feature, it’s clear that WhatsApp’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction remains unwavering.


Beta testers can ascertain their eligibility by tapping the arrow near the QR code on the settings screen’s upper-right corner. A card will display their active accounts and offer the option to add another.

Unfortunately, the multi-account feature is currently restricted to beta testers. However, sideloading the beta version from APKMirror might be an option.

Beyond multi-account support, testers can now send animated avatars and receive enhanced safety warnings.

While the exact date isn’t specified, its impending arrival in the public version holds immense promise for WhatsApp users.

A few workarounds are available to achieve this, catering to the anticipation of the multi-account feature’s public launch.

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