BT WhatsApp Blue APK

BT WhatsApp Blue APK

In today’s fast-paced world, everything seems to be reaching its peak. You upgrade your cars, smartphones, and outfits, but what about your communication methods? They seem to have remained stagnant. Take BT WhatsApp Blue, for example. Developed by XDA in 2013, it has been a decade-long journey, yet it still has its limitations and frustrations. We, as Whats Mod, introduce you to this magnificent App.

BT Whatsapps Blue

4.3 Rating (11052)

BT WhatsApp Blue APK V17.00

Last Updated18 June 2023
RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
File Size59.58 MB

What Is BT WhatsApp Blue?

An WhatsMod 19

However, for internet enthusiasts like yourself, searching for new and exciting communication options never ceases. Enter Penguin BT WhatsApp Blue, one of the alternatives that have emerged from the rapidly growing WhatsApp mod industry. This industry has provided a glimmer of hope, offering various WhatsApp mods that bring you different experiences and keep you at the forefront of technology alongside a massive WhatsApp community exceeding 2 billion users.

Let me introduce you to the latest updated version, BT WhatsApp Blue, also known as BT1 Blue Penguin WhatsApp. It’s akin to WhatsApp Blue Plus. So, download the latest version of BT WhatsApp Blue to unlock a whole new level of WhatsApp experience.

Prepare to be amazed by Penguin BT WhatsApp, an incredible mod application that will elevate your WhatsApp experience beyond what the regular version offers. Continue reading this blog post to discover the exciting new features of this innovative WhatsApp version.

Developed by Taha Qudsi, Penguin BT WhatsApp is a third-party application designed to take your communication to new heights, setting you apart from ordinary WhatsApp users. Its latest version, V 17.00, has created ripples in the WhatsApp community since its release.

Features BT WhatsApp Blue

Overall, there isn’t a significant difference among the variants above of Penguin BT WhatsApp. Before installing this WhatsApp mod APK on your device, let’s explore the pros and cons:


Multiple WhatsApp accounts: This unique WhatsApp version allows you to run multiple accounts within a single application. However, each account requires a different phone number for registration.


Auto-reply messages: You can set up auto-reply messages using custom templates, such as greetings or welcome messages. This feature is handy if you engage in customer care interactions, as it enables quick communication.


Privacy options: Penguin BT WhatsApp blue prioritizes your security by providing various password formats, including fingerprint, pattern, or digit lock. This serves as an additional layer of protection for your WhatsApp application, safeguarding you from intruders.


Hide media gallery: Are you tired of unnecessary media files cluttering your phone gallery and occupying valuable storage space? This WhatsApp mod lets you filter media files, giving you control over what enters your gallery.


Mute your WhatsApp: You can mute your WhatsApp while keeping your other applications audible. Additionally, you can set your WhatsApp to vibrate mode.


Anti-Delete messages: This feature lets you read messages the sender has deleted. You can access previous chats; even if the sender tries to restrict access, it won’t work on your end.


Audio notes: This innovative feature enables you to pause, listen, and think before continuing to record audio notes. No longer are you confined to recording in one sitting.

Give BT WhatsApp Blue a try and experience a new level of WhatsApp modding. It’s time to break free from the limitations and embrace the possibilities. Enhance your communication experience with Penguin BT WhatsApp, where every conversation becomes more dynamic and engaging.

Please note that the instructions and descriptions are in English for easier understanding and usage. Upgrade your WhatsApp experience today with Penguin BT WhatsApp and unlock a world of limitless communication possibilities. You can also check the other versions of BT WhatsApp, like BT WhatsApp Pink, BT WhatsApp Gold, and BT WhatsApp Red.

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