AN WhatsApp 3 APK Download latest Version 2023

AN WhatsApp 3 APK Download latest Version 2023

AN WhatsApp 3 is an enhanced version of the official WhatsApp application developed by Ammar, who introduced a unique concept in the WhatsApp Mod community by creating 10 different versions of AN WhatsApp. Each version offers unique features that grant users greater control over their privacy settings and features like no mod offers. The most renowned editions include AN WhatsApp 2, AN WhatsApp 4, AN WhatsApp 5, AN WhatsApp 6, AN WhatsApp 7, and the list goes.

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AN Whatsapp

4.2 Rating (3094)

AN WhatsApp 3 Anti-ban

Last UpdatedToday
DeveloperAmmar ALawadi
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
File Size64MB


Now, you can enjoy the convenience of having multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device with a few extra features. AN WhatsApp 3 allows seamless switching between multiple accounts, giving you the necessary flexibility. Additionally, it offers features like discreetly hiding your last seen, downloading status updates, and much more, making it an improved version of AN WhatsApp.

Advantages of AN WhatsApp 3

Media Archiving and Recovery Feature: Android 4.4+ users can conveniently secure and reinstate their media, encompassing images and videos, before uninstalling the application, adding an extra layer of data fortification.

IOS 2023 Emoticon Assortment

Users can enjoy an exclusive set of emoticons inspired by iOS 2023, which will add fun and expressiveness to their conversations.

Message Editing Capability

Revising messages post-transmit allows users to correct errors or revise information without deleting and retransmitting it.

Reception of Affixed Messages from Third Parties

This functionality empowers users to receive and read sticky messages from other acquaintances or group members, facilitating better organization and quick access to important details.

Chat Migration Between Devices Sans Dependency on GDrive

Users can transfer their conversations from one device to another without relying on Google Drive, providing a more seamless way to transfer between devices.

Message Pinning Within Private Dialogues

Users can pin important messages to private exchanges for easy reference and quick retrieval.

Official Secured Discussions

Users can save specific conversations, guaranteeing privacy and protecting sensitive discussions.

Displaying Group Members’ Avatars in Conversations

Profile pictures of group participants are visible, making it easy to identify conversation partners within the group.

Crashes while accessing community features

This bug fix guarantees a smooth user interaction, preventing application crashes while accessing community features.

Preview photos and videos without saving to a device or gallery

Users can preview multimedia files without adding them to memory or gallery, saving storage space and increasing control over media downloads.

An WhatsMod 16

Drawbacks of AN WhatsApp 3


One-hour restriction bug fixes for certain users: A section of users faced the issue of one-hour restrictions affecting their messaging experience.


Complications with WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock: Notable issues were reported with the WhatsApp fingerprint lock, potentially compromising the security features of the application.


Malfunctions in Voice Recording: The recording feature exhibited anomalies on select devices, inconveniencing users who depended on it.


Errors in Backup and Restoration: Some users encountered obstacles restoring backups to designated devices, resulting in potential data loss or inconvenience.


Misleading presentation of payment icons in message boxes: Incorrect display of payment icons within text boxes can confuse users.


Issues About the Transfer of Hidden Conversations: Users have reported complications in transferring messages within hidden conversations, potentially leading to data loss or miscommunication.


Imperfections in Certain Language Translations: Errors were noted in certain language translations, optimizing the user experience for non-English speakers.


Anomalies in Recording Voice Notes: Problems occurred when recording voice notes on certain devices, affecting communication via audio messages.


Errors During Uninstallation: Certain errors may appear during WhatsApp uninstallation, possibly resulting in data loss or incomplete removal of the application.


Ambiguity Surrounding the Location of Backup Files: Storing backup files in a specific location can confuse users unaware of their location or purpose.

If AN WhatsApp 3 updated version doesn’t meet your preferences, you can also download the latest versions of ANWhatsApp 8, ANWhatsApp 9, ANWhatsApp 10, and AN WhatsApp 11.

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