10 WhatsApp new Features You Don’t Want to Miss

10 WhatsApp new Features You Don’t Want to Miss

WhatsApp, boasting nearly 3 billion users, is an undeniable powerhouse in messaging apps. Despite this staggering user base, it might surprise you to learn that it hasn’t been a significant source of revenue for its parent company, Meta. In contrast to Instagram’s impressive ad-generated earnings, WhatsApp’s contribution has been rather modest. However, Meta has a game plan to change this narrative. In this article, we’ll delve into the transformation of WhatsApp as a potential cash cow and explore WhatsApp new features in 2023.

Voice Status

One of WhatsApp new features is Voice Status, which revolutionizes the way we communicate with friends. No more typing hassles – you can now record and post voice messages as your status, similar to Instagram stories. Creating a Voice Status is a breeze; just visit the Status tab, tap the pencil icon, and hold the mic icon. Share your thoughts effortlessly with this handy feature.

Pin Messages

The constant flow of messages in WhatsApp can lead to important chats getting lost in the shuffle. That’s where the Pin Messages feature comes to the rescue. You can now pin up to three chats at the top of your list for easy access. On Android, tap and hold a chat, then select “Pin chat.” For iOS users, simply swipe right on the chat to keep it at the forefront.

Edit Messages

We all make typos and send messages to the wrong recipients occasionally. One of WhatsApp new features is Edit Messages. This feature offers a lifeline in such situations. Within 15 minutes of sending a message, you can edit it. Long-press on the message and select “Edit” from the menu to rectify your blunders.

Companion Mode

For those with multiple phones, WhatsApp’s Companion Mode is a game-changer. Link your existing WhatsApp account to another device, enabling access to your chats on both. This is particularly useful for users with an Android and an iPhone. Simply launch WhatsApp on your second device, select “Or link this device to an existing account,” and scan the QR code to connect them.

Chat Lock

Some conversations are meant for your eyes only. WhatsApp’s Chat Lock feature lets you lock chats with a password, ensuring they remain hidden from prying eyes. Only you can access these chats, using your phone’s authentication method (passcode, Face ID, or fingerprint). Locked chats are stored in a separate folder, and notifications are discreet, displaying only “WhatsApp: 1 new message.”

Send Full-Resolution Images

WhatsApp’s notorious image compression can be frustrating, but the “HD quality” option changes the game. Now you can share media without sacrificing quality. Look for the HD icon before sending a photo or video, but be mindful that it consumes more data and storage space.

Silence Unknown Calls

Tired of receiving random calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp? The “Silence Unknown Calls” feature lets you block or mute calls from unfamiliar contacts. You’ll still see missed calls in your log, but your phone won’t ring or vibrate when they call. Activate it in Settings > Privacy > Calls > Silence Unknown Calls.

WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp Channels, a recent addition in WhatsApp new features, allows you to follow posts and updates from your favorite social media creators, celebrities, and organizations across various interests. Interact with channel owners by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. With topics ranging from sports to fashion, there’s something for everyone.

New Layout

WhatsApp is rolling out a new layout for its Android app, resembling its iOS counterpart with a bottom navigation bar. But the redesign journey doesn’t end there; a major UI overhaul is in the works, incorporating Material Design 3 elements and an all-white theme, promising a sleek and modern look.

Screen Sharing

When you need to showcase your phone’s screen during a video call, screen sharing comes to the rescue. This feature, initially tested with WhatsApp beta users, is now available to all. Initiate a video call and tap the screen-sharing icon, making it effortless to display your phone’s content to others.

Conclusion WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp’s evolution in 2023 is nothing short of remarkable. From voice status to chat locking, Meta is striving to turn this messaging giant into a profitable venture. With user-friendly features and promising updates on the horizon, WhatsApp is poised to unlock its revenue potential.


No, you can only edit messages within 15 minutes of sending them.

To use Companion Mode, launch WhatsApp on your second device, select “Or link this device to an existing account,” and scan the QR code.

“Silence Unknown Calls” mutes calls from unfamiliar numbers while blocking a contact prevents them from reaching you entirely.

You can access WhatsApp Channels from the bottom tab of your phone, through the Updates tab.

While WhatsApp’s new layout is already rolling out, the major UI overhaul with Material Design 3 elements is expected to arrive soon.

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